01314 vw t5

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B6 Passat ABS \u0026 Parking Fault

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. Evening Chaps! Still got my ABS fault and wondered if anyone could please help me So I need to fix the ABS fault first. If anyone has experienced this fault or can help me at all it would be much appreciated Thanks all, Christian. NHNMar 5, Hi NHN, Check the two fuses in the engine bay fuse box, both are fine.

Used a scotch pad to remove any corrosion to make sure the connection is good. Ah lovely job, thats just what I wanted to know! Thank you! Once the connector is free do you recommend I check all the pins on the connector block? Is there anywhere else where its worth looking other than the connector block? Will do NHN, I'll report back with my findings. Praying it isn't going to be a new. Praying it isn't going to be a new ABS pump!A feature of all modern models of the Volkswagen concern is the lack of a self-diagnostic function on the instrument cluster and the display of error codes on the panel.

To read the existing faults on the Volkswagen cars release afterthe diagnostic cord and the program installed on the computer or laptop are used. On many machines, for example, Golf 4 or Passat B5, a self-test of the systems was applied with information displayed in German or English on the instrument cluster screen. For the first time such a function was installed on the 4th generation Golf cars in No manipulation is required to read the error codes.

When the engine starts, it polls all the systems and control units of the vehicle. If a malfunction is detected, information about it is displayed in text format on the screen and is complemented by a flashing or lit indicator.

In this case, the signal may be yellow or red high level of importance color. Messages of high importance are complemented by a triple beep, the rest - once.

For example, if the oil level drops, an inscription will appear and the oiler icon will flash. If you are unable to remove the error yourself topping up the oil, coolant or windshield fluid or filling the tankyou should carry out computer diagnostics of the car, which will allow you to accurately determine the cause of the fault.

On earlier machines before releaseerrors can be read by a tester and a light bulb, which flashes the fault code in flashes.

In addition, there are lots of highly specialized programs for reading and adjusting data in separate electronic blocks of machines. For example, in the instrument cluster or transmission control unit. On Volkswagen cars of various years of release, various fuel injection systems were installed, so the type and location of the diagnostic connector can vary.

The 80s Golf and Jetta cars with Bosch Mono-Jetronic fuel injection system have a single-pin diagnostic connector installed next to the ignition coil. The pin is red-white or yellow. On a similar machine system Passat, this wire has a yellow-black insulation. Since Aprilthe Passat B3 has been equipped with a two-pin connector located under the cover below the climate control unit.

On later machines, the connector began to be placed at the feet of the driver or passenger sitting in front. To read the VW error codes on machines with a single, double, or triple connector, you must:.

In addition to the diagnostic methods described above, on Volkswagen cars of release, it is possible to conduct a separate inspection of the microclimate system on the display of a single-zone air-conditioning unit.

On more modern versions of the control panel there is no such function. On vehicles with electric power steering such as Sharan, error may occur, indicating a failure or incorrect values of the values from the steering wheel position sensor.

01314 vw t5

In this case, the instrument cluster may light up a fault indicator in the power steering. Such a problem can occur on any machine with an anti-lock system, including the Touareg. On the most recent models, for example, on the 7th generation Golf, an error BB occurs due to the oxidation of wires in the plug of the airbag sensor and the increase in resistance in this contact.

The problem is fixed by cleaning the contacts and covering them with a protective compound. A frequent malfunction on Polo Sedan or Tiguan cars is error It usually occurs when a large electrical load is turned on while driving in urban traffic. It is expressed by a warning beep and the ABS lamp is turned on in the instrument cluster. After restarting the engine and reducing the load on the network, the problem does not arise again. This error indicates a voltage drop in the on-board network due to the discharge of the battery or damage to the wiring area.The most common reported symptom is a complete loss of drive due to Commonly failing ABS pump will cause one or more brakes to remain stuck after releasing the brake pedal Common failure of this Volkswagen Up!

ABS pump will cause the pump to run constantly causing battery drain if left connected overnight Common failing engine ECU that causes intermittent or complete none starting of the engine.

Very common ECU fault causing complete non start of the engine and diagnostic communication problems.


Very common fault causing your ESP light to eliminate on the dash and a fault code stored of: " Brake Pressure sensor 1 G " we are rebuilding customers own units and providing a Lifetime warranty as standard.

Common problem causing the engine to lose power or judder under load, starts out as an intermittent fault but always becomes permanent with time.

01314 vw t5

Common fault that causes the gearbox to go on to neutral during driving and the "PRNDS" light to flash. All NHS staff, emergency workers, care workers and delivery drivers will receive priority turnaround on their units.

English English Italiano. You are here: Home Common Faults Volkswagen. Read More. ABS malfunction. Common codes:and Test and rebuild of your own unit.

Passat 2. VW Golf Mk5 1K instrument cluster fault. Common Faults include fuel gauge faults and complete instrument cluster failure. ECU Engine Management. Dashboard Instrument Cluster. Paid what i consider was quite a lot for me! Part was picked up on time, i was kept upto date throughout and the item was shipped back quickly in really good packaging. I now definitely wont fail my mot on an otherwise spotless car! Click to read more www. All Rights Reserved.This page is for personal, non-commercial use.

01314 vw t5

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Chrysler Voyager RG. Posible causa. Ajuste del cable del acelerador, ajuste del interruptor de mariposa cerrada, cableado, interruptor de mariposa cerrada. Cortocircuito a positivo en el cableado, tablero de instrumentos. Posibles causas. Agua en el filtro, cableado, sensor del nivel de agua del filtro de combustible. Cableado, tablero de instrumentos, sistema de aire acondicionado, sensor de temperatura exterior.

Cableado, sensor de temperatura del refrigerante del motor. Solenoide de control del soporte del motor, bloques 1 y 2. Cableado, tablero de instrumentos, sensor del indicador de nivel de combustible.

Cableado, bomba de transferencia de combustible, sensor de nivel de combustible. Nivel de combustible bajo, bomba de transferencia de combustible.

Sensor de temperatura del combustible - circuito defectuoso. Circuito abierto del cableado, solenoide dosificador de combustible. Solenoide dosificador de combustible - cortocircuito a masa. Cortocircuito a masa en el cableado, solenoide dosificador de combustible.

Solenoide dosificador de combustible - cortocircuito a positivo. Cortocircuito a positivo en el cableado, solenoide dosificador de combustible. Cortocircuito a positivo en el cableado, cable a masa defectuoso, sensor de flujo de la masa de aire. Termostato del refrigerante, cortocircuito a masa en el cableado, sensor de temperatura del refrigerante del motor. Cortocircuito a masa en el cableado, sensor de temperatura del aceite de motor. Cortocircuito a positivo en el cableado, sensor de temperatura del aceite de motor.

Cableado, amplificador del encendido, bobina de encendido. Sistema catalizador, bloque 1 - eficiencia por debajo del umbral.

Volkswagen Fault Codes

Catalizador principal, bloque 1 - eficiencia por debajo del umbral. Sistema catalizador, bloque 2 - eficiencia por debajo del umbral. Motor del ventilador de refrigerante del motor 1 - circuito defectuoso.Thank you for your help. I do love cars, especially the models that are heavy loaded with all types of decorations.

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Unknown 3 February at Unknown 27 April at Lucas 10 August at Rent a car Bucuresti 10 October at Unknown 19 June at Unknown 27 September at Unknown 24 October at Newer Post Older Post Home.Code Anyone had any issues with this code or some insight as to how to correct? Here is a link to more information about that code.

Someone here had the same problem and traced it to an intermittent Relay Find More Posts by ymz. TDI s : A4 Jetta. Originally Posted by ymz. Fuel Economy: Best economy And miles on that tank. I found this one stored today when I did a scan.

I have intermittently had a problem with the car surging maybe once a monthand at the same time the glow plug light will blink. After a second, the car will stabilize and run perfectly fine. It's been happening for about 6 months, yet this is the first time I have seen that fault code store. Anyone know if VCDS can display the mileage and date the fault was recorded? My car has done the surge thing since it was new and I have only had this code the last 5 months or so, I don't think they are related.

As for the surging, my car has only ever done it when on the cruise control, is that how yours is? And an update on this code, I did replace relay and the code came back the next day, I cleared it and have not seen it for a couple days now.

I'll post back when I have some more miles on the odo. The events I witnessed were not under cruise control.

How to Erase ABS Light Trouble Codes on a VW

Most if not all happens so rarely I forgethave occurred on light to normal acceleration around city driving. I had always thought in intermittent crank sensor failure, as it flashes the glow plug light, but it never sets a fault code for it. I was never able to capture anything with the data logger on VCDS.

This code shows up in both the cluster address 17 and the CAN network bus address Does everyone else see the same? TDI s : Jetta that I fill by myself. Originally Posted by cadbury. Originally Posted by vgmnstr. How is this for intermittent. I witnessed this surge event after my last post, and then just again last monday, and today twice in succession. The laptop battery went dead during the VCDS scan, but it passed at least address 17 with no fault code. Will recheck after I recharge the thing.

I never got around to replacing the relay, maybe I will give it a shot and see if the car can go another 18 months without a problem. Is difficult to get to?

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